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Fooddivines mission came from an aspiration to provide brands in the food and drink industry images of excellence that are richly deserved. Based in Montréal, FoodDivine has a 2300 sq. ft studio with a fully equipped kitchen convenient for food and product photography assignments.

Ali Rahimi, Foodivines founder and principle photographer, works with creatives, food stylist and CG artists. Understanding his clients brand he captures the desired images.

Ali and his Foodivine team have gained international acclaim for their food and drink photography. He is proud to have worked with friends such as Nespresso, Excellence Chocolate, Trois Brasseurs, Jessica Pastries, Copper Banch and Bijoux Wine.

How KamNic is making classrooms more intelligent

Sponsored Article in Montreal Families

The two principal associates of KamNic Inc, Alireza Kamali, and Pedram Rasti joined forces in
2010 and have since then have built a successful and flourishing web design and IT solutions
company here in Montreal. ‘We are just not about developing websites or providing IT services,
we are fusing the respective power of the web and IT allowing us to be flexible and innovative
when engaging and solving organizational problems.' says Rasti. For the past four years, we have
been assisting private English schools to develop integrated solutions using technology to nurture
and promote a more motivated learning environment for their students.
"It all began with Kells Academy," says Kamali. The
school was looking for IT solutions to help their students
with their special education needs. The first task was to
provide the programming and support of the students'
iPads to accommodate different reading levels. As the
project progressed in the implementation of various
educational technologies, the challenge of undertaking
these tasks wasn't so much with the students adapting to
these new modes of learning, but it is with making sure
that the teachers were fully supported and confident in
working within their new technical environment. Kells
Academy’s vision and openness to state-of-the-art
methods, whether it is with hardware or software, have
propelled them to the next level of education. And
KamNic has been with them every step of the way.
KamNic is assisting K12 schools in their educational
strategies. They are supporting Universal Design for
Learning (UDL), such as problem-based learning and
flipped classrooms.
But for KamNic, the implementation of reintegrated
educational technologies is just the beginning. They go
one step further by showing schools how to save money.
Once infrastructures are put in place, they can be
managed remotely, and the existing IT staff can be
trained to maintain them internally. Each year, new
technology is added to reduce the repetitive tasks of the administrative staff and teachers so that
everyone has more time. As an IT company, KamNic has a unique philosophy: their clients should
never be dependent upon them.
As in-house IT specialists in education, their approach to reintegrated technologies is always in
accordance with the students’ levels of ability and takes into account the varied styles of learning.
The success of transforming the way children are taught by applying integrated technologies in
the classroom is not just limited to English privates in Montreal. Their innovative techniques using
technologies to make teaching and learning more accessible are spreading across the country
with clients in major city centers like Vancouver and Toronto.