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Editing of a Men's Magazine Article

Editing of a Men's Magazine Article

The article size needed to be reduced to the half the word count. Original word count was 1346 words and it was taken down to around 800 words keeping the essence and vision by the author.


Interview Style Article 

Why is self-defense so important today?

Learning self-defense is the greatest way to empower yourself, build confidence and take control of your fears. The most precious thing we have is our life, but very few of us take the time to learn self-defense. In today’s world where crime is on the rise, no one is protected from being attacked. Self-defense is also a must for kids; my goal is to see future generations strong and not victims.

You have created your self-defense system. Could you tell us more about it?

I have studied most of the martial arts, various Reality Base Self Defense systems and fighting sports. My experience came from working in nightclubs in Montreal. It’s here where I received the experience of learning the difference between fighting in the ring and fighting in the street.

My system is a simple and direct, it's based on concepts and strategies that I developed during my years as a bodyguard and bouncer, where I dealt with high-stress fight confrontations. It is easy to learn and is based on flinch responses and gross motor skills. It covers awareness, body language, verbal cues and especially mindset. Mindset is most important part of self-defence. Much of my focus is teaching how to prevent, detect or set up the first strike, so you are always one step ahead of your attacker.

You have trained celebrities such as Sugar Sammy and Grouchy Boy. Was that more challenging than training every day people?

The challenge in training celebrities and or working on movie sets comes in terms of the specifics is preparing them for a show or a movie, either to lose weight or bulk up with specific diets.

What are your plans for the future?

With my partner, I am launching a new self-defence training DVD sets, on-line membership courses, and several downloadable videos. We are also building a brand new online program, focusing on nutrition, exercise, and mindset. I also have several international seminars planned.

On the long-term, pursuing my childhood dream of acting and working on my biography.

Do you follow a special diet plan? What are your best choices?

I follow a plant-based Mediterranean diet based on my genetic background. I do love my Greek food, coffee, and my baklava from time to time.  Moderation is the key. 

What advice do you want to give to someone who wants to be fit?

First, define what fitness means to you. Is it having a 6 pack or being strong, mobile, flexible, and having the overall core strength to feel better in your mind and body?

Whatever you are doing, make it part of a new lifestyle and set long term goals.

Write down realistic, attainable time-lined goals and put them on the top of your to-do list as part of your daily routine.

Simple keys to success in reaching your fitness goals- find a source of motivation, find an accountability partner, and develop a consistent mindset.

Your YouTube channel and CodeRedDefense has over 350K followers. What exactly do they expect to find out? Why is your channel is so successful?

On my YouTube channel, we help people by sharing motivational and inspiration content to live their greatest life, share secrets on combat training, weight loss, and videos covering all the topics of self-defence for an audience that includes children and women.

Our Code Red Defense channel, it is strictly hard-core self-defence.

What has made my channel so successful is the realism that I bring to my teachings. No matter what topic I am talking about, it’s all based on real life experience and not theory. I share my personal life failures, successes, and practice what I preach by leading by example.

Your knowledge in defense psychology and stress management has made you an expert in your field. Why is stress management so important?

In self-defence, fear is nothing more than a story we create in our mind and thoughts of an event that hasn’t taken place yet.

The greatest enemy lies within you, 90% of the fight is mental. If you’re faced with an attacker and doubt your ability to defend yourself, on the first contact you will lose awareness, capacity to diffuse, and stay in the present moment.  And before you know it, the attack is happening.

Do you ever visit Greece?

I love Greece!! I have been there over 12 times- it’s the most beautiful place on earth. I have traveled all around the world, and no other place compares. I now live my dream by spending my summers in Greece and teaching my son about the Greek culture.

What is the key of your success?

Simply, doing what I love. I am driven by a passion for helping others. I set long-term goals, and always have a plan of action. I do not fear failure, and I get out of my comfort zone. I think outside the box and surround myself with a great team.

But the secret is just being grateful, positive throughout the journey, and staying the course.