Mercurialis Communications


Writing persuasive, clear and easy to read content engages your clients and brings to your business the visibility it deserves. We provide a wide-range of copywriting and communication materials, they are:


  • Website content (SEO)

  • Blogs

  • Brochures

  • Newsletters

  • E-mail content marketing

  • Press releases

  • Presentations

  • Slogans/Taglines

  • Business Proposals

  • Video scripts

  • Sales Letters

  • Speeches

  • Presentations


Quebec Solar Blog

Blog Content

David Nataf- Mortage Broker

Blog Content

Otis Gold Blog

Blog Content

Globe Metal Blog

Blog Content

Alexis Massage Therapy

SEO Web content is a straightforward read, while providing the necessary information a client is looking for

Alpha Painters

Created a text that was easy and straightforward to follow.

Julie Bourbeau Translation Services

Created and edited web content in english, developed a tagline that my client loved!


Provided content for a custom furniture builder. Crafted and tailored the text for the clients ideal client.

Pin Media

Simple, precise, and fun content was created for the client.

Meredith Inspections (Home Inspections)

Organized a large collection of technical data. Created a concise, easy to read, and organized series of services.